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Empowering The Youth, Shaping Futures

Unlock Your Youths Potential With Youth Mentoring!

Ready to make a lasting impact on our sons' lives? Mentor Leaders is here to help shape a brighter futures for our youth.



Empower Youth, Shape Futures: Mentor Leaders Produce Mentor Leaders

Unlock Potential, Foster Growth, and Build Resilience in Young Men

Hey parents, at Mentor Leaders Produce Mentor Leaders, we're all about helping our young men develop essential qualities like integrity, patience, responsibility, discipline, respect, service, honesty, leadership and courage. Our mentoring program is designed to nurture their critical transformational skills and cultivate compassion for others. We truly believe in embracing every aspect of their development—physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially.

Our main goal is to equip young men of all grade levels with the tools and mindset they need to succeed. Through our mentoring program, we empower them to make sound decisions, valuable contributors to the community and BECOME they young man that he's destined to be. We emphasize the significance of transformational thinking, responsible behavior, self-awareness, and academic achievements. We also aim to enrich their lives culturally.

In the Mentor Leaders Produce Mentor Leaders program, we provide a supportive and inclusive environment where young men can explore their full potential and unlock their true capabilities. Through engaging activities, mentoring sessions, and interactive discussions, we guide them in developing a sense of understanding, compassion, and the courage to stand up for their beliefs.

By participating in our program, your youth will gain invaluable life skills, build resilience, develop a strong sense of self and . They'll learn to navigate challenges, set goals, and make positive choices that will shape their futures. Our mentors are dedicated to creating a safe space for growth, fostering meaningful connections, and inspiring personal excellence.

We invite you to enroll your youth in the Mentor Leaders Produce Mentor Leaders mentoring program. Together, we'll empower them to become leaders, critical thinkers, and compassionate individuals who make a positive impact on their communities. Join us on this transformative journey and witness the remarkable growth and success your youth will achieve.

Ready to unlock your youth's potential? Sign them up for the Mentor Leaders Produce Mentor Leaders mentoring program today and let's shape their bright future together. We're here to provide the guidance, support, and mentorship they need to thrive. Don't miss out on this opportunity to make a lasting impact.

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  • Empower Young Men, Transform Futures

    Guiding Youth Toward Success through Engaging Mentoring

    Mentor Leaders Group Mentoring

    At Mentor Leaders Group Mentoring, we're all about empowering our youth through our engaging programs, where we foster personal growth, build resilience, and cultivate leadership skills. Join us and to help achieve these outcomes for our young men. 

  • Encourages transformational thinking and problem-solving skills.

  • Fosters personal growth and builds self-confidence.

  • Cultivates leadership abilities and responsible decision-making.

  • Equips youth with valuable life skills for future success.

  • Provides a supportive community for positive peer connections.

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    Mentor Leaders One-to-One Mentoring

    Hey parents, for you who is looking for that personalized empower your youth through personalized mentorship. In Mentor Leaders One-to-One Mentoring sessions we're dedicated to helping our youth identify who he is, so that he can BECOME, whoever he wants. Join us in help fostering these incredible outcomes for our youth. 

  • Personalized guidance for tailored personal support.

  • Builds strong mentor-mentee relationships for trust.

  • Fosters personal growth and self-discovery from within.

  • Develops resilience and perseverance in challenges.

  • Inspires confidence and goal achievement in youth.

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    Empowering Youth, Inspiring Advocate

    Hey youth, parents, and inspiring youth advocates! Join our private online community and connect with like-minded individuals who are passionate about empowering our youth. Our community provides three exclusive group areas tailored to your needs, fostering support, growth, and inspiration.

  • Connect with peers, mentors, and advocates.

  • Share experiences, insights, and resources.

  • Access tailored content and educational resources.

  • Receive support and guidance from experienced mentors.

  • Inspire and be inspired to make a positive impact.

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    The Mentor Leaders Approach

    Empower, Inspire & Transform through 1-to-1 Coaching, Group Support, and Valuable Resources

    Group Coaching

    Counselling & Consulting

    Team Building Activities

    1-1 Coaching

    Academic Strategies

    Life Strategies

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  • Meet Your Mentor

    Vincent Garrett, a native of West Philadelphia, is a male educator, entrepreneur, youth leader, father, and father figure to many. With nearly two decades of experience in the field of education, Vincent has dedicated his life to providing quality education and mentorship to young individuals. Known affectionately as Mr. G or Mr. Garrett by his mentees, he has worked tirelessly as a teacher, mentor, and administrator, focusing on imparting knowledge, developing critical life skills, and helping them to BECOME.

    In April of 2017, Vincent founded his nonprofit organization's mentorship program, "Mentor Leaders Produce Mentor Leaders," with a mission to raise awareness about social issues affecting the youth, advocate for inclusive and equitable education, and create opportunities for underprivileged individuals in their community. As a community leader, Vincent actively advocates for the rights and well-being of young people, striving to make a lasting impact on their lives.

    Vincent's passion for education, entrepreneurship, and community development drives him to create positive change in the lives of young people and their communities. By combining his expertise as an educator, his entrepreneurial spirit, and his commitment to community development, Vincent is dedicated to making a lasting difference and empowering the next generation.


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    What Others Are Saying

    “There isn't a program in the city to compare to the amount of truth and authentic mentoring that's found here with Mentor Leaders."

    Kevin Gold

    "It's an inspiration to see to see men like Mr. Garrett dedicate their life and time helping to uplift our young men. Keep up the good work Mentor Leaders Produce Mentor Leaders."

    Abdul Aziz

    I've observed Vince Garrett work with the boys on countless occasions and seen first hand how compassionate Mr Garrett is with the boys...I honestly believe Mr Garrett has figured out the remedy that young men of color desperately need.

    Tara Aleus

    Support Our Mission: Donate, Volunteer, Sponsor - Make an Impact

    Hey parents and advocates, as a non-profit organization, we rely on your support. By donating, volunteering your time, or sponsoring a child, you can directly contribute to our mission of empowering youth. Your support enables us to provide valuable resources, mentorship, and opportunities for personal growth. Together, let's create a brighter future for our youth. Join us in making a meaningful impact today!

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